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It's Andrew, your favourite locally owned/operated Food Tour Guide!

Thanks again for taking the time to ready my monthly Blog/Newsletter :)

What I have in store for you this month:

1) A Hike To Paul's Tomb on Knox Mountain

2) A NEW Bourbon Cocktail from Okanagan Spirits

3) A NEW Beer from our friends at BNA (Plus 6 NEW mouth watering Menu Items!)

4) An video update of our busiest April ever

5) Finally my favourite charity won Charity of the year for 2023 - The Central Okanagan Food Bank (Where I Volunteer!)


Just a short walk from downtown lies a mountain full of history, and world class hiking/mountain bike trails!

It's Kelowna’s largest natural area park spanning 385 hectares located just north of downtown, and open to the public from 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. daily, with vehicular access to the First Lookout from 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. daily during the frost-free season.


Knox Mountain Park was named after the notorious Arthur Booth Knox, a resident of Kelowna from the late 19th century. Knox, a rancher, was convicted of setting fire to several haystacks belonging to his competition and sentenced to three years of hard labour. In his book Buckaroos And Mud Pups: The Early Days of Ranching in British Columbia, Ken Mather explains that a cowboy working for Knox provided the testimony that resulted in his conviction, despite evidence that he was bribed to give a false testimony. Following his 3-year sentence, Knox returned to Kelowna and continued to grow his ranching property. The portion of his property that encompassed Knox Mountain was sold to the Okanagan Fruit and Land Co. in 1906. In 1999, a group of Kelowna residents formed a society called the Friends of Knox Mountain Park to advocate for and to promote stewardship of the park. Each year the park becomes the site of the Knox Mountain Hillclimb car race, which has been run on a steep course in the park for over 60 years,making it the longest annually running paved hill climb in North America.

We love when Okanagan Spirits helps us with cocktail ideas, here's a simple one at home you can use with their spirits.

This is gooooood! The bourbon is so nice, even people who don't love bourbon seem to enjoy this.


The Game Changer Cocktail from Okanagan Spirits
The Game Changer Cocktail from Okanagan Spirits

- 1.5oz Bourbon - BRBN from Okanagan Spirits

0 0.75oz Ginger Syrup - from Okanagan Spirits

- 3-5 Strawberries muddled

- 1oz Lemon juice

- Dash of Habanero bitters - from Okanagan Spirits

- Top with soda

- Garnish: strawberry slice

  1. Muddle strawberries with the lemon juice in shaker cup

  2. Add in the syrup, bourbon, and bitters

  3. Shake on ice for 20 seconds

  4. Strain into ice filled rocks glass (I used a large cube of ice for this drink)

  5. Garnish with strawberry slice

Our friends at BNA are always knocking our socks off, and they've done it again, check out these new menu and drink additions they're offering below!

With temperatures reaching the high 20s this, the timing of their newest limited can release couldn't be better! The Rice Pilsner!!!

Crisp with light floral & lime-citrus notes followed by a subtle bitterness and dry finish, the Jasmine Rice Pilsner is exactly the thirst quencher you're looking for.

Four packs are available now in the Tasting Room & local liquor stores!

New BNA menu items are coming in HOT! Six delicious new dishes have arrived:

Roasted Carrot Hummus, Fish & Chips, Porchetta Sandwich, Super Smash Burger, Cajun Chicken Ravioli, Frozen Mud Pie. Can you say scrumptious???

A little self bragging below. I've been volunteering for years with the Central Okanagan Food Bank, and they recently won an award as top charity in Kelowna for 2023 and awarded all us volunteers with an awesome certificate. Give back to your community, it does everybody wonders :)

Finally, my favourite part of each Newsletter! Letting you all see what we've been up to the last month!

Thanks again to all my amazing guests and vendors for a splendid month! If you have friends, or family, visiting send them my way this summer, and I'll always do my best to make sure they have a great time :)

Yours In Food Tours,

Andrew Deans


A Taste Of Kelowna Food Tours

C - 250-801-9317

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