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Updated: Apr 8

I often talk about Music In The Park & Festivals Kelowna while on tour, well the time is finally here. The summer concert series is back!

Established in 1997, Parks Alive! is an award winning, multi-venue, 9-week concert series that energizes Kelowna’s parks and public spaces through live cultural performances each summer.

Welcoming over 22,000 guests annually, shows can be enjoyed by all ages and are driven by the goal of creating experiences for residents and visitors in our community we love!

It's totally free to attend, or by donation, and the money goes right back to running these amazing events!

Here is this summer schedule below:

Music In Parks Schedule

Music In Parks Schedule

Thank you to all of my guests who came out in June! For those of you that had a sunny day, perhaps buy a lottery ticket soon ;)

That said, the rainy weather will hopefully keep the forest fires at bay this year.

Lastly, I just wanted to share some pictures and videos from the month of June with you all before I say goodbye.

Here's a look at how busy Downtown Kelowna was on Canada Day, 10's of thousands of people showed up to celebrate! Outstanding job, by everyone involved!

Some pictures from the tours this June:

I will touch base again this month with another update & feature blog.

This month my mid-month feature blog will include my favourite spots to get Fruit/Vegetables during the summer!

Talk to you all in a "sunny" couple of weeks :)

Yours In Food Tours,



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