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Updated: Apr 8

Welcome back to my third year of Food Tours here in #Kelowna!

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A little update on my tours:

Sadly Boxcar Kitchen had to shut down over #winter, however a new place has already popped up! BNA Burger has taken over the Tasting Room Kitchen. One my favourite chefs, Adam Schneider, is offering up an amazing the best burgers in town, hands down!

Take a look at the new menu here - BNA BURGER

We'll be replacing Boxcar Kitchen with amazing samplings from BNA Burger.

Other than that I have some new shoes, and am ready for a great year ahead!

I think I told everyone, but I was able to get away to visit some family/friends in Scotland, Portugal, Spain, and Arizona!

Here is a few short videos of my time away:

Thanks again for following along! Stay tuned to your inbox as I have a special offer coming soon for returning guests and people subscribed to my Newsletter/Blog.

Yours In Food Tours,

Andrew :)


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