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Welcome back to my third year of Food Tours here in #Kelowna!

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A little update on my tours:

Sadly Boxcar Kitchen had to shut down over #winter, however a new place has already popped up! BNA has taken over the Tasting Room Kitchen. One my favourite chefs, Adam Schneider, is offering up an amazing fresh new #menu!

Take a look at the new menu here -

We'll be replacing Boxcar Kitchen with amazing samplings from the BNA Tasting Room menu.

Other than that I have some new shoes, and am ready for a great year ahead!

I think I told everyone, but I was able to get away to visit some family/friends in Scotland, Portugal, Spain, and Arizona!

Here is a few short videos of my time away:

Thanks again for following along! Stay tuned to your inbox as I have a special offer coming soon for returning guests and people subscribed to my Newsletter/Blog.

Yours In Food Tours,

Andrew :)


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