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Happy end of summer to you all!

For this post I feature some cool drinks from some of my favourite bartender wizards downtown! Plus, I visited some local farms to try our their local produce!

Hazeldell Orchards - 1980 Byrns Road, Kelowna, BC

Sunrise Apples are available right now at a great price, and Bartlett Pears are just around the corner!

They have a very cool bird sanctuary, and an amazing selection of old tractors where beautiful flowers are growing. 3 minutes from Orchard Park Shopping Centre, it's totally worth the drive.

Century Growers - 1756 Byrns Road, Kelowna, BC

A nice array of vegetables and fruit available right now from: Carrots, Cantaloupes, Squash, Peaches, and more! Pears are just around the corner here and look amazing on the trees right now as they ripen! Again, just a few minutes from Orchard Park Shopping Centre.

Gather Restaurant is one of our favourite stops on tour, and features Korean/Italian cuisine inside the Innovation Centre. Their Bartender Chris @cocktailchrissy makes some of the most breathtaking drinks that will please all your senses!

His latest creation is The Lady Of Himeji - it includes: Sake, Campari, Rose Gin, Ginger Syrup, Basil Bitters, Lychee, Lemon, & Vegan Foamer! It looks as good as it sounds, and tastes even better. Check it out the next time you're at Gather enjoying the end of summer!

The Curious Cafe has hands down the best pizza, and amazing Italian food in town! Behind the bar you can find Kevin @keventurez making an array of cocktails from an amazing Old Fashioned to Peanut Butter & Jam inspired cocktails.

His latest creation is a Spanish Spritz - is fresh and full of flavour! It includes Rose, strawberries, soda, and thyme syrup! It has a berry rich wine that is complimented with sweet earthy notes from the thyme syrup and muddled strawberries. Perfect on a warm end of summer day!

Here's a little video I made to commemorate my 100th post on Instagram. Thanks to all my guests who have supported me so far, and follow my journey online :)

I own the business, operate all the tours, and put my heart and soul into making sure guests have a great time! I don't do it for the reviews, but appreciate them all! I just wanted to share this one that was left recently :)

That's it for the month of August, I will check in early this September with some updates about what's going on this fall.

Thanks for taking the time to read :)

Yours In Food Tours,

Andrew Deans



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