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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Knox Mountain Hike: Of course I have to start with this famous hike!

I do this hike easily once a month, and I always find a new lookout, or trail! For all skill levels, or you can just drive to the top in your car!


Did you know that A.B. Knox & Tom Ellis didn't always get along?

The mountain was originally part of Arthur Booth Knox’s ranch and was donated to the city by Dr. Benjamin deFurlong Boyce in 1939.

A.B. Knox arrived in Kelowna in 1874, bought what is now Manhattan Beach and later the mountain and substantial holdings in Glenmore Valley, according to Sharron Simpson’s book The Kelowna Story.

He was convicted in 1891 of burning two stacks of rival rancher Tom Ellis’ hay. Knox spent three years in jail and was greeted warmly upon his release. He went on to become a prominent citizen, including being elected president of the Agricultural and Trades Association of the Okanagan Mission. When he retired, he sold his ranch to Ellis.

The original park was expanded by adding 81.5 hectares to take in Kathleen Lake and a 74-hectare parcel east of Clifton road bordering on Blair’s Pond below Wilden. That’s called Knox Mountain East and makes the park more than 310 hectares.

There are 1,400 metres of Okanagan Lake frontage reaching to Paul’s Tomb. It rises up to the summit about 300 metres above the lake. But, the summit is not at the top of the park road. It’s actually some distance to the east and can be accessed off a trail starting from Boynton Road, off Clifton Road.

Knox Mountain:

Myra Canyon Trestles: Is my other favourite hike/bike in town! I first went up there in Grade 6, and when I go up now the views always take my breathe away! (Don't forget to pack peanuts for the squirrels)


In August 2003, the Okanagan Mountain wildfire swept through the Myra-Bellevue Protected Area, destroying 12 of the 16 wooden trestles and damaging two steel trestles.

The 18 trestles were built in the early 1900s. They were declared a national historic site just a few months before the wildfire.

The B.C. government appointed a task force to develop a recovery and restoration plan after the destruction. The federal and provincial governments shared the rebuilding cost of $17 million.

All trestles destroyed by fire have been rebuilt to historical specifications using British Columbia wood and labour, according to the Myra Canyon Restoration Committee's web site.

About 50,000 people annually are expected to visit the park to see the authentic-looking trestles.

Myra Canyon Trestles:


Thank you if you made it this far, I hope you go adventure these places on your own!

Thank you to all my guests and vendors this month who have been out with me!

The warmer weather is coming, I swear!

Have a great weekend, I am just finished my volunteer shift at the Central Okanagan Food Bank - - and am off to tour around with some lovely folks this weekend :)

Yours in Food Tours,


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