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Updated: Apr 9

Thanks for following along my Kelowna Flavours Blog this month!

What I have in store for you this month:

1) Video Update of our Tours so far

2) A NEW Raspberry Drink from Okanagan Spirits

3) A great HIKE locals, like myself, often forget about


(Music - Streamline - Tomas Skyldeberg)

Okanagan Spirits has a great new recipe for a liqueur many of my guests have taken home, the Raspberry Liqueur. It's called:



1oz Hendricks Gin

1oz Raspberry Liqueur

3/4oz Lime Juice

1/2oz Grapefruit Juice

3/4oz Berry Basil Barmalade

Soda Water to Top - Regatta Craft Mixers

How To:

Combine ingredients, minus soda water, in shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into glass, add crushed ice, and top with soda. Garnish with berries of your choice, and a basil sprig. Stir before sipping!

Finally, here is a great idea for a local hike 20 minutes from Downtown Kelowna!

Mount Boucherie, in West Kelowna, is a great hike for beginners to moderate hikers, and easy to find access to. It has stunning views of Kelowna, and West Kelowna.

Here is the link to check it out -

Mount Boucherie is a mountain located in West Kelowna on the west shore of Okanagan Lake, British Columbia, Canada, opposite the city of Kelowna. It is the remnants of a former stratovolcano created nearly 60 million years ago. Between four and six different glacial periods over the past 50 million years have eroded the volcano to produce Mount Boucherie. Though it now only rises 417 metres above the nearby lake level, it is estimated to once have had an elevation of 2,000 m (6,562 ft) or more.

Mount Boucherie is named after Isadore Boucherie, a farmer, stock-raiser, and an early settler to both Rutland and the west side of the lake. In the late 1880s, Isadore purchased the land which is still known today as Boucherie Ranch, and the mountain behind the ranch still carries his name.

Thanks again for following Kelowna Flavours. I'll catch up with you all next month with some more local tips, and an update on the tours :)

Yours In Food Tours,

Andrew Deans


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