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Updated: Mar 8

Hi Kelowna Foodies,

Thanks again for taking the time to read my monthly Food-Letter!

Here's what I have for you this month:

1) One Of My Favourite Local Places To Go

2) A July 2023 Video Update


1). My Favourite Local Places

I recently visited Ward's Cider in South East Kelowna, and it did not disappoint. They have tasting for $7 and all the money goes to charity. I just love the rustic feel there, and that they don't put any additives in! They've even teamed with Chai Baba to make low calorie tea-infused ciders called "Infiniter."

I tried and bought “Lupus the Wolf” - This juicy blend of strawberry and kiwi is bright and uplifting and definitely worth howling about. Calories – 110 per 355 ml can, and Caffeine Free.

Style: Light effervescence. Bright and refreshing with succulent berry and zippy kiwi. ABV: 5%

Key Ingredients: All natural. dry apple cider infused with steeped herbal tea with hibiscus, rose hips, strawberry and kiwi.

They are also neighbours with The View Winery so it's a 2-for-1 stop ;)


2). What I've Been Up To

It was a busy month again, and I am very grateful for that! I work as hard as I can six days a week to ensure every guest has an amazing time! A big thank you again for following along my journey :)

Here is a fun video recap of July 2023:

We'll talk to you this September with some fall updates, things to do in the fall, and of course an update on August!

Yours In Food Tours,

Andrew Deans


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