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Welcome back to my monthly newsletter!

This month I've got some exciting news to share with you all!

1) I'm starting up a new "Premium Evening Tour" this Summer with NEW restaurants!

2) I have a NEW vendor to announce for the 2023 season! (My fourth year eeek!)

3) Some info on where I get my CHERRIES in Kelowna and surrounding area.

4) New LOCAL PARTNER announcement!

5) And finally, the monthly video update of my Tours this past June! (Plus a bonus video)


1) Evening Premium Tour

What can I say? It's time to expand!

I've stayed true to my original seven vendors since day one, and will continue to do so until some unforeseen circumstance.

However, Kelowna is growing at an alarming rate, and I wanted to stay on top of things!

Stay tuned this month as I announce a NEW evening tour, with NEW vendors, and a different way to see the City at night!

If you want to inquire now, feel free to shoot me a note.


2) New Vendor Announcement

OKGN Market is joining our Daily Tours at 1015am and 2pm for 2023! So that means next year we will be offering 8 tasting/drink stops on our Daily Tours.

They're focused on local farm fresh produce, and have great prices! I purchased a medium sized basket of local cherries the other day for just $5!

Their new location we visit next year will be inside One Water Street Downtown Kelowna!


3) Where Do I Get My Local Cherries?

- AB Farms in Oyama were neighbours of my grandparents growing up, and I just love visiting here! It's 30 minutes from Kelowna, but worth the drive. You pay with the old honour system, and they always have the freshest produce farmed with love. If you want the Okanagan experience here is the place!

- Kempf Orchards in Kelowna has a great view overlooking the city and is only 10-15 minutes from Downtown Kelowna. The cheapest cherries in town, and they make it easy for you to pick.

- OKGN Market is for the people who don't feel like picking, or driving to an orchard. They have 3 locations in the Kelowna area, and great prices. I go here weekly, and am eating cherries from there at the moment!


4) New Partner Update

I am glad to announce a new partnership with another great locally owned Business!

Lakeside Eco-Sports offers e-bike rentals with app based routes & trails. In addition they provide a self-guided E-Bike Wine Tour taking you to three stunning venues for tastings and lunch.

My guests this spring were asking where to go for e-bike rentals, and after doing my own research I've now been referring guests to Gareth (Owner - Lakeside Eco-Sports). I just like when you contact this business you get a response from the Owner, whether you email or phone. That is being lost in this age of big business. Rest assured you will be treated well here :)


5) Monthly Tour Update

Thanks for making it this far, here is a video I put together of my guests on tour from this past June!

Much love for making it this far! Wow, I didn't think I'd have that much news!

If you did make it this far, I want to say a big thanks to Madison Reeve at Castanet (our local news source) for doing a video feature on me in June! Here's the clip in case you missed it:

A Taste Of Kelowna Food Tours - Castanet Video Article

Yours In Food Tours,

Andrew Deans


A Taste Of Kelowna Food Tours


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